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Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Grabbing a minute to chat while my spackle dries. I’ve been dealing with some minor injuries (bum knee, aching shoulder), so I’m not getting as much painting done as I’d like! But it’s a beautiful day, and I have doors and windows open, and my little Doxie-poo, Humphrey the Wonder Dog, has free reign to come and go from our fenced yard. The birds are chittering, filling the bare trees like plumes of smoke, and the air is fresh and just a little bit cool.

Perfect day for catching up on spackling, cutting in, and, maybe, just maybe, I’ll even get the first coat done, all while “Vera” streams on my MacBook.

Painting inside on my house isn’t the same as working in my studio, except in the way I like to feel as though my surroundings feed my creativity and peace of mind, wherever I am. This house is as much “me” as my studio is, and I’m excited to make it a kind of work of art, too.

Wishing you all a very sweet (and hopefully chocolatey) Valentine’s Day!




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